Emel Sokullu

Assist. Prof. Emel Sokullu

Emel Sokullu is a co-founder of ZetaMatrix, Inc. She is an Assistant Professor of Koc University School of Medicine, Biophysics Dept. and Koc University Translational Medicine Center (KUTTAM). Emel Sokullu is a Physics Engineer graduated from Istanbul Technical University, and obtained her M.Sc. degree in Materials Science & Engineering from Izmir Institute of Technology and PhD degree in Bioengineering at Ege University. She did her post doc study in Harvard Medical School & M.I.T. Health Sciences and Technology Programme on brain tissue engineering. During her PhD study, she has specifically focused on “Neural cell attachment on biodegradable polymeric materials for large patterned neural arrays” which is a joint project of Ege University Engineering & Medical Faculties and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She was awarded by TUBITAK (Science & Technology Council of TURKEY) with a scholarship during her PhD. study. Then, she went to Boston USA for her postdoc study in Harvard Medical School /MIT joint institute Health Science and Technologies program with Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She started at Izmir Katip Celebi University Bioengineering Department as an Assistant Prof. in 2013, and she founded SOLAB R&D Company with TUBITAK BIGG support in 2016. She has a patent application for a novel organoid platform and joined the Leaders of Innovation Fellowship program run out by Royal Academy of Engineering in London UK and she has granted several awards with her commercialization projects from TTGV, Acıbadem Kuluçka Merkezi, etc.