Purest type I-III COLMA for reproducible results.

ZetamatrixWhat is COLMA?

The Extra Cellular Matrix consists of structural and functional macromolecules, where Collagen is the most abundant. ColMA is a natural extracellular matrix-mimicking material that can be produced via a chemical reaction between Collagen and methacrylic anhydride (MAh).

Zetamatrix ColMA

Zetamatrix ColMA is a purified methacrylated Type I-III bovine collagen. ColMA provides native-like 3D collagen gels with the unique attributes to be prepared at various concentrations and crosslinked to provide various gel stiffness.

Available as lyophilized powder of our ColMA for tailoring your own bioink formulation


Shelf life: xx months
Sterile 6 Months @ +4-8 °C
Non-Sterile 12 Months @ +4-8 °C
Storage and Handling:
Appearance: Pale Yellow Powder
Degree of Methacrylation: ≥20%
Sterility: Optional (Sterile and Non-Sterile)
Endotoxin Level: <10 EU/g
pH Range: 4.0 – 4.8
Purity: %99.9

Key Features of ColMA

-Tunable rheological properties
-Photocrosslinking allows tunable physical environments suitable for a variety of cell types
-Thermostable at 37 °C
-Ultra-low endotoxin levels
-Can support cell maintenance and growth
-Readily available

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Quantity Options Milligram (mg) / Gram (g)
COLMA (Sterile) 100mg 400mg 1g
COLMA (Non-Sterile) 100mg 400mg 1g