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What is BIOINK?

Zetamatrix creates photocrosslinkable bioinks in excellent properties to build up 3D-4D scaffolds. Extra Cellular Matrix is the major constituent of multicellular organisms. It is composed of large structural proteins, glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans that are secreted and assembled locally into a 3D organized network. Together with cells, they define the structure and properties of different tissues in the body.

Previously, the role of the ECM was considered only structural, but we now know that it also plays an important role in cell signaling and tissue homeostasis. The ECM composition provides the tissues with distinct functions via interactions between matrix molecules, growth factors and cell surface receptors, which mediate adhesion of cells to ECM components. Zetamatrix produces organ spesific bioinks mimicking Extra Cellular Matrix for 3D Printers.